What do I do in the event that my pet dies?

After your pet has died, ideally it would be best for it to be placed into refrigeration.

In the event that refrigeration is not an option it would be best for it to be kept in a cool dry place such as a balcony, garden, or room with air conditioning, wrapped with a sheet or in a dry container.

After having contacted our management we will come to retrieve your deceased pet, or you may bring it directly to the cemetery.


What guidelines do I need to follow according to Cypriot law?

Unfortunately the only option a pet owner has according to Cypriot law is for mass cremation in a commercial incinerator.


Is it illegal for me to bury my pet in my own yard?

According to EU Regulation 1069/2009/EC companion animals (pets) fall under risk category 1. This means that they are harmful to human health after they have died and proper measures for handling must be taken postmortem. It is forbidden to dispose of your deceased pet in landfills or to bury them in private or public lands.


Why is it harmful to bury my pet in private or public land?

One may surmise that without the proper measures being taken for correct disposal of animal waste or dead animals will lead to miasma as well as creating foci for disease outbreaks putting environmental and public health at risk.


May I be present during the burial?

Our goal is to give the proper respect and dignity that your small companion deserves. We believe that our services can offer some solace to the grief that you and your family are going through by honoring the memory of your four-legged friend and giving you the opportunity to bid them farewell in a dignified way. That being said, once all arrangements are made, you may of course be present at your pet’s burial.

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